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1 1/4 c Cream, heavy

2 Bananas (or equivalent

-amount of soft fruit) Broken meringue Whip the cream. Chop fruit coarsely, but don't crush. Break meringue into large crumbs. Mix everything shortly before serving and pile into glasses. NOTES: * Simple dessert for failed Pavlova attempts -- My mother used to make the banana variety of this when she cooked her meringues a little too long or too hot. I've no idea of its origins. * I can never make up my mind whether I prefer the strawberry or the banana version. Peach should be pretty good too, though I've never tried it. * This is a neat way of saving a Pavlova attempt when the meringue part fails: it produces a delicious desert and no-one need ever know... : Difficulty: very simple. : Time: 10 minutes presuming you have the meringue available. : Precision: No need to measure. : Marcus G Hand, : AT&T Information Systems, Middletown, NJ. : mtuni!mgh : Copyright (C) 1986 USENET Community Trust

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