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Amish Bean Soup

2cupnavy beans, dried
2 1/2qtwater
1eachham bone (1 1/2 lbs)
1eachgarlic, clove, minced
1eachbay leaf
1cuppotatoes, cubed
1cupcelery, thinly sliced
1cuponion, finely chopped
1cupcarrots, cubed
1salt and pepper, to taste


Boil the beans in the water for 2 minutes before removing them from the heat to let stand for 1 hour. Then add the ham bone, garlic and bay leaf to the beans, and cover and simmer them for 2 hours or until the ingredients are almost tender. Add the vegetables and salt and pepper to taste, and simmer them for 1 hour longer. Remove the ham bone, cut off the meat and dice it to add to the beans. Reheat the soup almost to boiling, then remove the bay leaf.

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