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Cherry Filling For Pierogies

-Jeanne Ziola CBTN00C 4 1/2 cups Dark sweet cherries *OR*

Red tart cherries 1 teaspoon Lemon juice if sweet *OR*

Sugar to taste if tart

Wash, drain and pit cherries. Lightly press cherries in a strainer or colander to remove some juice. Place cherries in a medium bowl. If sweet cherries are used, sprinkle with lemon juice. If tart cherries are used, add sugar. Fill pierogi shells and process immediately, before juice is drawn out of fruit. Makes about 4 cups or enough to fill 40 to 45 pierogies.Recipe by Marianna Olszewska Heberle. Published in HPBooks "POLISH COOKING" ISBN 0-89586-272-7. Jeanne in Jersey, J.ZIOLA on GEnie - CBTN00C on *P* 09/21/92

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