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Fruit and Nut Stuffing

18 ea Whole pitted prunes

1/2 c Dried currants

1 c Raisins

24 ea Dried apricot halves

1/4 c Bourbon

3 ea Tart cooking apples,

1 x Unpeeled, cored and chopped

3 ea Large onions, peeled and dic

3 ea Celery ribs, diced

4 T Melted butter

2/3 c Whole macadamia nuts

2/3 c Whole cashews

1 c Unsalted walnut pieces

2 c Whole raw cranberries

1 t Ground cloves

1/4 t Cayenne pepper

1 t Ground ginger

1 t Dried chervil leaves

1 t Finely minced fresh parsley

2 t Salt

1/4 t Freshly ground black pepper

2 ea Eggs, slightly beated

Put the prunes, currants, raisins, and apricot halves in a bowl and pour the bourbon over the fruit. Cover bowl and soak overnight. If you are using salted macadamia nuts and salted cashews, put them in a strainer and remove salt by rinsing them under cold water. Dry on paper towels. Heat 2 tbsp. vegetable oil in a skillet and add the nuts. Toast them, stirring constantly, until golden. Combine the apples, onions, and celery in a large skillet along with the butter. Cook the mixture over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until the onions are soft and celery is tender, about 11 minutes. Transfer the onion mixture to a large mixing bowl. Add the macerated fruit and all remaining ingredients. Gently mix the stuffing with 2 large spoons until evenly blended. Set aside the stuffing while you prepare the turkey for roasting. Stuff turkey 3/4 full and roast according to size. (for a 20 lb. turkey, approx. 9 cups)

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