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Green Pea Soup

1 ea Onion, chopped

2 tb Oil

1/2 ts Ginger, grated

1/2 ts Garlic, minced

2 ts Salt

6 ea Whole peppercorns, crushed

1 ts Turmeric

2 ts Coriander

2 ts Cumin

2 ea Chili peppers, crushed

1/2 ts Chili powder

4 ea Whole cloves

1 ea Stick cinnamon

2 ea Cardamom pods

1 c Green split peas, dried

2 ea Tomatoes, diced

5 c Stock

1 ts Garam masala

2 ea Shallots, chopped, optional

In a large soup pot, fry the onions in the oil until light brown. Stir in the spices & toss in the peas & tomatoes. Stir again & cook for 5 minutes over moderate heat. Add stock, bring to a boil, cover & simmer until the peas are tender (at least an hour). Before serving, stir in the garam masala & fish out the cinnamon stick & cloves. Garnish with shallots.

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