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1 tb Oil

1 sm Onion, diced

1 sm Carrot, diced

24 oz Tofu, crumbled

2 tb Roasted sesame seeds

1/2 ts Salt

2 ts Shoyu

1 ds Pepper

Heat a wok & coat with oil. Add onion & carrot & saute for 3 minutes till onion is slightly browned. Add crumbled tofu & the remaining ingredients. Stirring constantly, saute over medium low heat for a bout 5 minutes, or until the tofu is light & dry. Variations: Add 1/4 c of any of the following: parboiled green peas; shiitake mushrooms; diced bamboo shoots. Also try adding 1 ts grated ginger. Shurtleff & Aoyagi, "The Book of Tofu"

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