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Pasta & Garbanzo Beans with Roasted Vegetables

5 Red or yellow bell peppers,

Diced 2 Fennel bulbs, cored and

Diced (reserve minced tops For garnish) 1 1/3 c Diced canned tomatoes,

Drained 1 c Chopped fresh basil of 1

1/2 tb Dried basil

1 ea Cooking spray

3 c Cooked garbanzo beans (1 1/2

15 oz cans), rinsed

And drained 1/8 ts Crushed red pepper

3 tb Lemon juice or balsamic

Vinegar 1 ts Fennel seeds

1 1/2 lb Rotelli or radiatore, cooked

(I assume this is pasta) 1/2 c Grated fatfree parmesan,

Sonoma Hard jack cheese or Soy parmesan 1 ea Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat broiler. Mix peppers, fennel bulb and some of the tops, tomatoes and basil in a bowl; spread vegetables evenly over large baking pan. Generously spray, broil until vegetables soften adn blacken slightly, sirring occaisinally, about 15 minutes. Combine beans, crused red pepper and lemon juice or bvinegar in a large serving bowl. In a small pan, toast the fennel seeds until they darken a few shades; add to the bean mixture. Add boiled vegetalbles, hot pasta and cheese to bean mixture; toss well. Salt and pepper to taste. Spinkle with reserved minced fennel leaves. Source: Modified from recipe in the March '94 issue of "Vegetarian Times." Posted to Fatfree Digest, Mon, 21 Mar 94 16:00:31 EST By Individual recipes copyrighted by originator. FATFREE Recipe collections copyrighted by Michelle Dick 1995. Formatted by Sue Smith, using MMCONV. Archived through kindness of Karen Mintzias, 1.80?

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