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Slow Cooker Chicken

1salt and pepper
1chicken fat
1olive oil
2eachcelery, stalks, sliced thick
3eachturnips, quartered
1/2eachonion, thickly chopped
2eachcarrots, sliced thick
2cupchicken broth
1cupdry vermouth
1red pepper flakes, dried
2eachtomatoes, quartered


Rub salt and pepper all over and in the hen. Put chicken fat with a little olive oil and butter in heavy skillet. Brown hen whole on all sides. Be sure all is brown. Take out and put in grease celery, turnips, onion and carrots. Fry 5-8 mins. Put in bottom of slow-cooker set to high. Add a little sugar, sage, tarragon. Rinse out iron skillet with water. Add to the slow cooker. Add chicken broth and dry vermouth. Put browned hen in. Sprinkle with dried red pepper flakes. Place around and in hen the turnips and tomatoes. Turn pot to low and let cook all day.

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