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Tofu Burgers 3

1 lb Tofu

1/2 c Whole wheat flour

3 tb Nutritional yeast

2 tb Vegetable bouillon powder

Pepper to taste 2 tb Soy sauce

1/4 c (or more) sesame seeds

1 sm Scrubbed potato

1/4 ts (or more) garlic powder

1 sm Onion OR onion powder to


Grind the tofu, potato and onion (if using) in a food processor. Don't let it get too fine. Mix in remaining ingredients, shape into burgers and bake at around 350 degrees on a very lightly oiled cookie sheet for 15-20 minutes, turning once. They can also be fried. This recipe was the Judge's Choice award winner in the "Build a Better Burger Contest" sponsored by the North American Vegetarian Society. Submitted by Helen Dessart, Otterburn Park, Quebec From _Vegetarian Voice_, Vol. 19, No. 1

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